Welcome to Estonia!

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See why Estonia should be your choice for studies!
Whether you’re a nature-lover or a dork for all things digital, Estonia has the best of both worlds!

Estonia is quite a well-kept secret, still relatively unknown in many parts of the world. Across the bay from Finland and Sweden, we are a country of only 1.3 million residents living on 45 000 square kilometres. What we lack in numbers, however, we more than make up for in spirit and big ideas! Here are just some of the reasons why we think Estonia is an awesome place:

Excellent education

As a small country, we need to come up with new solutions for being more efficient and productive. We rely on the next generations to keep improving our way of life, which is why education is so important. We must be doing something right because according to the PISA test, the knowledge and skills of Estonian 15-year-olds are the best in Europe. This quality can also be seen in Estonian universities, as more and more international students (11% of the total student body) are choosing to start studies on forward-thinking and innovative study programmes such as e-governance and cyber security. Read more about our education services and products from educationnation.ee.

11 Jan 2021