2022 Virtual Info Session for Professional Pilots (BSc degree in 1-year)

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🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Welcome to the online info session of the Estonian Aviation Academy.

✍️ Registration: bit.ly/3tgHRn0
Join also event on Facebook: bit.ly/33t01Xv

The Commercial Air Transport Pilot (BSc) was designed especially for PROFESSIONAL PILOTS, who currently work or have worked in the aviation sector and would like to:

☑️ study ONLINE and earn a bachelor’s degree in ONE YEAR;
☑️ understand the BUSINESS SIDE of aviation; and
☑️ take the NEXT STEP in their career.

Come and join our online info session on February 3 at 11am (GMT+2 time).

Topics that we will cover are 👇
☑️ curriculum
☑️ deadlines
☑️ admission process
☑️ Estonian Aviation Academy and much more

After the presentations, you will have an excellent opportunity to take part in the Q&A session and get instant answers to your questions.

12 Jan 2022